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Old Meets New

The old world simplicity of natural granite and marble slabs in Hamilton has joined with the speed and efficiency of new world technology.
Many dealers now have computerized technology to design and work with the stone slabs which makes the design process for creating cut-outs and custom edges more expansive and the relationship between customer and fabricator easy, efficient, and productive. Designing can be as easy as creating a pattern as a computer file and letting the computerized equipment do the rest. The advent of computerized technology in production has many advantages including timeliness of delivery and proficiency of the design experience. The world of granite and marble slab interior design has opened up to keep pace in our ever-changing 21st century.

Get the Edge on Design

No longer do your hips need to be bruised by running into the sharp square edge of a hip-height countertop. Instead, you can choose from a variety of edge treatments and finishes that add another level of detail to your interior design. With character names such as Bullnose, Ogee Setback, Triple Pencil and more, the edge treatment you choose can complement the style of cabinetry, furnishings or mood of the space you are decorating.  A softer edge can add a smoother edge to protect your hips while an Ogee setback could add an intriguing detail to set your granite and marble slab apart.
In addition, you can choose from several finishes for granite and marble slabs that will add a further defining touch to your granite and marble slab treatment. The most standard finish for granite and marble slabs is polished, which is the least porous of the finishes available. In a honed finish the polishing process is stopped before the stone achieves a high state of gloss. A leathered finish adds texture to the surface and closes the pores and is not as reflective as a polished surface. A caressed finish adds gloss to a leathered finish.

Granite and Marble Slab Design Options are Many

When one thinks of building applications for granite or marble slabs Hamilton, one might think in a limited way of classic examples like grand buildings with glittering red granite facings or old world treasures that boast magnificent white marble columns. The dealers of granite and marble slabs Hamilton have opened up design, colour and treatment options considerably. Dealers now have large stocks of hundreds of colour variations in their galleries and homeowners can choose from an array of colours ranging from the demure to the exotic. It is important to be able to see granite and marble slabs up close and personal in order to appreciate the unique veins, mottles and flecks on each slab to determine what shade and variation might work best in your home. Keep in mind that granite and marble slabs demand attention and will be a beautiful up-front and centre showpiece for your home.
The options are boundless for colours, designs, edge treatments and finishes for granite and marble slabs Hamilton. Write a list of your top priorities and take it to your professional dealer who will guide you through your design and selection process. Take your time and relish in the wonderful possibilities for transforming your home with granite and marble slabs Hamilton. Martha Stewart would approve!

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